Download Apple Mac OSX 10.7.5 Lion DMG

Download Mac OS X Lion 10.7.5 in ISO, DMG and Torrent!

Since you are unable to get Mac OS X Lion 10.7 from Apple, I have decided to upload here. Here are 2 links to get OSX Lion 10.7.5. You can either use direct download from our website or download it via a torrent that we have provided.

If you need to burn these to a usb or external hard drive using windows, Then use a program called Transmac. I will post the link soon!

Mac OS X Lion 10.7.5.DMG Download:

File Type: .dmg

File Size: 3.50GB


Why have we uploaded the OS X 10.7.5 here for Download?

We were getting frustrated finding Apple IOS and DMGs easily for our older Mac computers. So we decided to make our own website for it. I’m sure there are thousands of people out there in the same position we were. We make sure only to upload original software, unmodified and untouched to ensure whatever project you want to use it for it will work. No matter if you are downloading this for a Mac Mini, Imac, Mac Pro or Hackintosh, you will find what you need here!.


If there is a file you are looking for or want to say thanks, then please comment below. We would love to know we helped someone with our site! We are all Apple fans here!

Apple Mac OSX (currently termed macOS) is
the operating software which is the force that powers a Mac. The software
provides for the best app installation and also integrates your Mac with the
iCloud. An iCloud keeps a tab on all the images, documents and videos on your
phone or pc and provides a back up for it. This unique feature enables for you
to access important information anytime and anywhere, so that your data remains
secure even in case of a theft of the physical device.

Apple Mac OSX Lion Download

The company Apple keeps releasing new
prototypes of existing software, and so Apple Mac OSX Lion is the eighth such
of the operating system of Macintosh computers. Bertrand Serlet, the founding
father of Mac OSX, was at the hem of the development of this OS. This prototype
is known as the 10.7 version, with its unique features of over 250.

Some of the features include:

·Address Book, which is Face
Time calling enabled so as to gain you video access to your loved ones at all

·The AirDrop allows file sharing
among Lion devices with the need for a wireless access point.

·The addition of newer languages
makes it easier for foreign users to use the new version with a personalised

·Did you know? A total of 22
languages are available in the Mac OS.

In spite of all the additional features,
the version received a mixed response from the users. Hence, modifications to
the existent OS resulted in the birth of version 10.7.5.

Apple Mac OSX Lion 10.7.5 Direct DMG Torrent

The version 10.7.5 is here and it is the
latest in its domain. An upgradation to the latest version is suggested by the
owners of the OS to enable an addition of the latest features unique to this
release. The updated features are aimed to stabilise your Mac and engage in a
higher compatibility and improved security of the device. One of the Mac OS
services termed Time Machine is available to back up all your data before
processing for an upgrade to the latest version.

The previously mentioned security measure
of the new version is called Gatekeeper, which keeps malicious software at bay.
You need not be concerned about unanticipated external attacks from
virus-infected software.

This version also improves upon pre-existent
issues such as:

·Connectivity problems to Active

·reliability of Wi-fi for iMac,

·audio related insufficiencies
upon connecting a MacBook Air to Thunderbolt display system. In spite of all
the new changes to the OS, if you still have problems with the other devices
then the provision to contact the authorities is available with the email
addresses @cloud.com. Therefore, all your queries can be answered by a direct
access and a quicker reply.

need for upgradation?

What do all these features promote or
guarantee? They guarantee that the Mac Lion customers keep getting the worth of
the money invested via an attempt at constant novelty and modifications. Also,
the makers understand that not all the users are tech savvy and so require a software
that can be relied upon to fine-tune the inherent issues on its own.


There are multiple versions of the Mac Lion
prototypes available in the market. In case you already have one, then a simple
download on your device would suffice for all the needs of a present day Mac

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  • Apple user says:

    No good. Just downloads a TXT file, not the OS itself

    edit: worked fine sorry.

  • Lion help says:

    I have utorrent and transmission but still only downloads as a text file whAt am I doing wrong?

    • alfonso says:

      You probably only have to rename the file so that it ends with “.torrent”. (I.e. remove the “.txt” extension)

      • Lion Help says:

        Thanks for the information but there are no seeds or peers for this torrent active anymore so this is useless to me.

        • Just Apple Stuff says:

          You may need to check your firewall settings on your router as there are currently 219 seeds for this. Also check your port forwarding settings.

    • Just Apple Stuff says:

      Are you on a Windows PC? You may need to enable show hidden system files or it might be showing as a .txt as Windows doesn’t know how to handle a .dmg file.

  • Aaron Garcia says:

    so much thanks for not put the link behind 100 ads

  • Mars says:

    Well why don’t you mention you have to remove .txt???? I did this and it’s downloading using micro torrent. Not everyone is a downloading genius!!

    • Just Apple Stuff says:

      If its downloading as a .txt that is something on your end or the file association on your computer is off. When you download directly from the site its a .torrent file.

  • Mars says:

    So for all who don’t know how to, here it is.

    1) Dowload the .txt file
    2) Change the name to .torrent by simply removing the .txt
    3) If you have micro torrent downloaded and selected as your default, the file will automatically change to a micro torrent file.
    4) Click the micro torrent file and okay it on the program.
    5) If not your default program for downloading torrents, go to “Get Info” and change all to micro torrent program.

    Hope this helps

  • DNAK says:

    Install Doesn’t work… “An error occurred while preparing the installation. Try running this application again”.

  • Jeff says:

    Thank You!!!!!

  • Radek says:

    Thank you very much! I was struggling to find it.

  • Irongame says:

    Hello, I was going to ask if I could update from OS X 10.6 to 10.7.6?

    • Hi there,

      I think you need at least 10.6.8 to update. I cant remember correctly as that is really old. I would suggest creating a USB and installing a later version straight over the top of your old version rather than updating!

  • andre says:

    Would this work if my os is on 10.8.6? Doing a small project want to eventually get it to yosemite?

  • kittensauce says:

    this is actually version 10.7 of the installer (the Golden Master version). not that I’m complaining, this is usually good when creating a Hackintosh

  • poch says:

    thank you!!! the file is 3.5gb
    but after i download, thru torrent it is now 3.7gb any idea?

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