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Cheap Windows VPS Guide (Cost as little as $2.50!)

Today we will be going over the little guide of running a QUALITY Cheap Windows VPS for as little as $2.50 per month. We know you love using Mac OS, but sometimes you need Windows! You can use this server for game servers, shoebots, clickbots, hitleap/bobsbot, SEO Tools, discord/teamspeak music bots and much, much more. We were frustrated with seeing servers that automatically included the licence fees for Windows, and they were all over priced. We seeked out this alternative to running a dedicated server for the sake of saving money. Also the small tasks we wanted to do didn’t require a large VPS server. As always we have provided the files you need to setup your Cheap Windows VPS  as fast as possible.

To begin we need to find a suitable host. For this guide we will be using Vultr for our preferred host (Make sure you use and the code SSDVPS for $20 free credit!). So you will need to start by creating an account at Vultr and start to deploy an instance. You will be brought to a screen like this:

What is Vultr?

The Vultr platform allows you to easily implement a cloud infrastructure with the click of a button. No matter what you want to do because the Virtual Private servers vultr will  host it and it will be ready your use in no time.
Vultr have different plan ranging in prices whether it can be paid every hour or every month. When you use this link to join vultr we will include $20 FREE VPS credits to use on any item within the company. (use code SSDVPS)

If you want just a single VPS we recommend you use the free VPS credits on the $20 per month plan. This plan includes a 60GB SSD, 2CPUs, 4GB of RAM and a 3000GB Bandwidth.
This plan is a great way to use your free VPS credits because it has a lot of value.


What are the Plans?

There are many ways you can use your free VPS credits. Here is a few of the plans you can choose from.
Some of the plans are specialised if you are in need of a VPS for a few hours. If you need it for the long term then the monthly plans are more up your alley.

What Can i do with my FREE VPS Credits?

VPS is great for hosting game servers or any king of server, back up solutions and even to handle spikes in traffic. Get in the VPS train and start making your life easier! With the kickstart we are giving you, use your free VPS credits towards a great goal.


Once you have selected a location, You need to chose what type of VPS you want. At the screen DONT START A WINDOWS VPS! You need to select one of the linux distros. I personally just select any flavor of Ubuntu to begin with. After you have selected a distro then scroll down and select the $2.50 option VPS. This includes a 20GB SSD, 512MB Ram and 500GB of Bandwidth per month.

After you have finished the rest of the options such as hostname etc then click on Deploy Now. You will need to wait around 5 – 10 minutes for your VPS to deploy. During this time you will have to download the software. Now there are 2 options for your OS choice we have for download. There is Windows Server 2012 with KVM (Download at the end of the article!) drivers, Or Windows 7 with VirtIO drivers already slip streamed. In this guide we will be using Windows 7 with VirtIO drivers slip streamed. If you’re after a full server OS, we assume you already know what you’re doing. However you can still follow this guide. Here is the Windows 7 with VirtIO driver ISO

win7sp1virtio.iso Download:
[wpdm_package id=’255′]

Once you have downloaded your ISO file and your cheap VPS is setup, Then Click on Servers > ISO > Add ISO. Browse to the directory of your ISO and upload it. Once it has uploaded, click on your VPS instance > Settings > Custom ISO > Attach and Reboot. 

This is the home stretch now, After the ISO has mounted, All you need to do is to click on the Console button and Install Windows like normal. Still $2.50 per month! For the WindowsServer2012R2_IncludedKVMDrivers.iso then please see the download below

WindowsServer2012R2_IncludedKVMDrivers.iso Download:
[wpdm_package id=’263′]

As always, Any questions, Feedback Please leave a comment or visit our Facebook page!


How to fix media keys in High Sierra MacOS

One of the most FRUSTRATING thing about upgrading to Apple MacOS High Sierra is the media keys not working for programs such as Spotify, iTunes, VLC etc. Here we have a little workaround/fix that will fix the media keys not working in High Sierra. This fix is tested and working on iMac’s, MacBook Airs, MacBook Pros so it should work on any Mac.


After much searching, we couldn’t find an easy way to fix the media keys for MacOS, until we came across this little program. Its simply called High Sierra Media Key Enabler. Its. SUPER SIMPLE to use. Just run it and your media keys will be like they used to before High Sierra. This is the best fix yet until apple do something!


There isn’t much to say about this application. But it has helped ALOT of people that it has pissed off. This application is thanks it MilGraCom. Check out MilGraCom. We have no idea why Apple decided to change the media keys. But we are sure glad there is an application to fix it!

I suggest you include it in your login items (System Preferences > Users & Groups > Login items, then click the ‘+’ symbol at the bottom of the list of items that will open automatically when you log in

Still don’t have High Sierra? Download your copy